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Van Refrigeration Unit

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The Van Refrigeration Unit's electric compressors are powered by the most advanced electric scroll technology and are powered directly from the power supply. It has low vibration, low noise, small size, light weight and high volumetric efficiency. Its cooling capacity can reach more than 2.0kw, power consumption is less than or equal to 1kw, and a larger cooling capacity can be realized with lower electric power consumption.
The controller of Van Refrigeration Unit adopts sine wave foc vector control technology, which has high driving efficiency, good heat dissipation and high reliability. It has a complete protection mechanism, with over-current protection, high and low voltage protection, high temperature temperature protection, low temperature anti-freeze protection and other protection functions.
This product offers exceptional torque and tight battery current limiting to provide smooth speed capability with relatively low battery current conditions. The orthogonal variation of the sine wave control and the rotor position calculation technology overcome the problem of unbalanced magnetic field distribution of the motor, so that the torque of the motor is always stable and the noise is reduced.
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