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Our truck refrigeration unit is designed and developed for the use characteristics and working environment of various large trucks and various types of construction machinery. It is available in five outdoor models, including top-mounted, overhead split, box-mounted ABC, and a variety of evaporator styles, including H-valve F-valves. The owner can choose the indoor and outdoor models according to their model and space size.
It adopts domestic brand high-end custom controller, permanent magnet DC brushless, 24 tube high current, high temperature resistance, good shock resistance and strong waterproof sealing. The parallel flow condenser has good heat dissipation effect and large heat exchange capacity. Special high-power domestic high-quality motor fan, good heat dissipation effect, reliable and stable operation.
The electric scroll compressor is directly driven by the vehicle DC power supply, has high reliability, low failure rate, and can work completely independently in the state of the vehicle being extinguished without pollution. A group of batteries can work continuously for 3-8 hours with obvious economic benefits. The original intelligent frequency conversion technology is more energy-saving and energy-saving, and it takes longer to use at night.
It also has various protection functions such as undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, high and low voltage protection, high temperature protection, and low temperature antifreeze protection.
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