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Truck air conditioners mainly use steam compression refrigeration, and their working conditions are more severe than those of household fixed air conditioners. Therefore, their development relies heavily on the specific working conditions of various models, and the development difficulty is higher than that of household air conditioners.
Truck air conditioners can adjust the temperature, humidity, flow rate, cleanliness, noise and other parameters of the air inside the vehicle to make it within the comfortable standard range. It improves driver's work adjustment and improves passenger comfort. In addition, it can greatly improve the safety of the car. When the truck has air conditioning, it can greatly reduce the driver's fatigue strength, thus reducing the incidence of traffic accidents.
The air conditioning system of a truck is mainly composed of a refrigeration system, a heater device, a ventilation device, and a control device.
(1) Refrigeration system. It consists of a compressor, a condenser, a receiver drier, an expansion valve, an evaporator, and an electrical control system. The air is cooled by the principle of evaporation and heat absorption.
(2) Warm air device. The purpose of increasing the indoor temperature is achieved by introducing the cooling water of the engine into the warm air radiator and then blowing the hot air into the vehicle by using a warm air motor. At the same time, the front windshield can be defrosted.
(3) Ventilation device. Including the heater motor, the air duct, the damper and the air outlet, etc., the fresh air outside the vehicle is introduced into the vehicle, and the dirty air inside the vehicle is discharged outside the vehicle through the air outlet.
(4) Manipulating the control device. It consists of an electric system and an operating device to control the operation of the refrigeration system and the warm air device. At the same time, the temperature, air volume and flow direction in the vehicle are adjusted to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system.
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