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The air conditioner in the RV is divided into driving air conditioner and parking air conditioner. The RV air conditioner is the air conditioner that comes with the original car engine when it starts, and is the air conditioner used during the running of the vehicle. The parking air conditioner is a car air conditioner that is used when parking.
The working principle of the overhead air conditioner is relatively simple. The compressor is cooled by the top compressor of the motorhome, and the cold air is sent to the indoor unit via the fan. The overhead air conditioner is designed with a water guide, and the condensate discharged from the outdoor compressor does not penetrate into the cabin. In addition, from the appearance of the structure, the overhead air conditioner is easier to replace and repair than the bottom air conditioner, but the indoor unit at the top of the motor car will bring corresponding noise.
The bottom air conditioner is generally installed under the bed inside the RV or at the bottom of the card seat sofa. The bed board and the sitting sofa can be opened for convenient post-maintenance. One of the advantages of the bottom air conditioner is to reduce the noise generated by the air conditioner.
In harsh environments, such as strong UV or rain, our RV air conditioning's high-quality weathering materials have high stability and toughness, and will not be deformed or damaged.
The RV air conditioner has an electrical box and an outer sheet metal fireproof design, which provides higher comfort while providing comfortable temperature. It is not afraid of bumps, because the two-stage vibration reduction in operation will have a step-by-step transfer effect, which can achieve graded vibration isolation and is not easy to form resonance. This air conditioner has a multi-waterproof structure that is free from wind and rain.
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