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Refrigerated Truck Bodies

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The refrigerated truck bodies consists of the walking part of the special-purpose vehicle chassis, and the heat-insulating car body (generally composed of polyurethane material, glass steel, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration unit, and refrigerator interior temperature recorder.
The refrigerated truck bodies compartment is made of a "sandwich" board that is assembled in pieces. The refrigerated truck produced by this technology has high insulation performance. There is a very important refrigerant in the refrigerator inside the refrigerated truck compartment, and the pressure of the refrigerant is increased by the action of the compressor to realize the refrigeration cycle.
The choice of the car is related to the specific cargo being transported. Different goods have different requirements for the car. For example, refrigerated trucks carrying fresh meat need to be custom-made on the car; refrigerated trucks that are distributed for the store are small in size, multi-variety, and require multi-layer refrigerated trucks; temperature requirements are different, and frequent loading and unloading requires multiple refrigerated trucks.
In the design of the door hinge, the cabin door is changed from the early-made hinged hinge to the concealed hinge, which not only prolongs the service life of the compartment door, but also improves the anti-theft property, and is also beautiful. The new concealed door seal is made of silicone rubber material that meets food hygiene requirements. The shape is round tube type, which is not easy to be broken like ordinary sheet seal strip. At the same time, it is double-concealed in the installation form. Protects the seals.
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