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The automobile air conditioning system is a device that realizes cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification of the air in the cabin. It can provide passengers with a comfortable riding environment, reduce the driver's fatigue strength and improve driving safety.
Air-conditioning systems are subjected to severe and frequent vibrations and shocks during vehicle operation. This requires that the various components of the electric vehicle air conditioner should have sufficient strength and shock resistance as well as good system airtight performance, and the joints are firm and leak-proof.
Most of the buses belong to short-distance commuting. The passengers take a short time and have a large mobility. In addition, the space occupied by the occupants in the electric vehicle is relatively large, and the generated heat is relatively large. The relative thermal load is large, and the air conditioner is required to have rapid cooling. Heat and low speed operation.
Modern car air conditioners have four functions, any of which are designed to make passengers feel comfortable.
(1) The bus air conditioner can control the temperature inside the compartment, which can both heat the air and cool the air to control the temperature inside the cabin to a comfortable level;
(2) The bus air conditioner can discharge moisture from the air to absorb the human sweat to create a more comfortable environment;
(3) The bus air conditioner can inhale fresh air and has a ventilation function;
(4) The bus air conditioner can filter the air to remove dust and pollen from the air.
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